The List

30 October 2008

50 things to accomplish by Age 50. Deadline: October 1, 2017.

Build a million dollar business, not for the money, but more as a benchmark of serving others
Live on a sailboat
Live in a foreign country
Have Christmas in a snow laden cabin
Swim with Stellar Sea Lions in Hornby
Experience kite surfing
Learn to watercolor
Trek thru Nepal
Ride an elephant thru the jungle
Get my motorcycle endorsement
Buy a motorscooter
Spend the winter in Colorado
Raft the North Platte River
Canyoneer in Bryce Canyon
Ride the Seattle to Portland bike ride
Take Kiley to New York for Christmas
Take Micah to New Orleans for Jazz
Spend a stormy winters day at Kalaloch Lodge
Stay at the Bellagio
Learn to build websites
Get into photography for my own articles
Finish my quilt
Get dressed to the 9’s with a place to go on New Years Eve
Join the Tacoma Elks club
Girlfriend trip with Kathy
Return to Trinidad…skip Tobago
Eat bushrat and see the Zambezi in Zambia
Donate 20 classes to worthy causes
Dive the Bermuda Triangle
Put together a scuba program to help at-risk teen girls
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Volunteer 7 days straight at the Tacoma Rescue Mission at Christmas
Learn to both shoot and load a handgun
Create 20 web videos promoting scuba as a “fun” sport for women
Dive the Artic
Put together a “teen toy drive” for teens at the Family Shelter at Christmas
Dive Palau
GirlDiver West Coast Tour
Visit Indonesia
Blog for 50 days straight
Bike thru Vietnam
Attend a gala charity event
Ireland…pubs, dives and castles
Ride in a helicopter
Dive the North Carolina Wrecks
Ice Diving
Dive with an aggressive species of shark
Design and plant a yard…and stay there long enough to watch it bloom
Thailand Girl Tour…massage, aromatherapy, yoga, culinary delights…oh, and a bit of diving too!