What a difference a year makes!

27 January 2009

My friend, Sacha Blue, was clicking through her internet, unable to sleep...when over on my "GirlDiver MySpace Blog" she came across an entry written exactly one year ago today.

"It's snowing, sleeting, frigid...and I've got students out for Open Water dives. The instructor most responsible for my upbringing as a diver once said, "Instructors are never cold, tired or hungry." I don't agree.While I'm not going to whine to my students about it...I AM going to acknowledge that "Yes...we are cold and tired. And...the water will be here another day." I have a student who came over 500 miles for training with me. And he said he'd rather make the trip again than to get too cold. Cheers to him!My new goal...to have built a big enough instructional business by December, that in December and January, I'll take a bit of land time. One of my staff can take those classes.Someone else can tell the students that they're not cold in 35 degree weather."

While the significance to her was a bit different, I'm sitting in Mexico today with students in 80 degree water. I haven't built a big enough staff to take over classes, but I'm confident the staff is coming. I DO have staff now. Last year, Leigh Ann was my only staff, and now I have a complete team. And today....I won't be telling my students they are cold.