50 by 50

29 October 2008

My friend (and student) Sacha Blue introduced me to a new way of goal setting. A goal is simply a dream with a deadline, so Sacha, at 28 years old, came up with the 30 things she wished for by age 30. Her dream list can be found here.

I’ve passed thirty…and forty. So, luckily, I’ve a bit of time until I hit 50, and to undertake such a huge list, I’ll need the extra time.

A dream with a deadline. At 50, when I look back over my list, I’ll have amazing memories of adventures and people met along the way. Things accomplished that, perhaps, would have remained dreams, if not for the deadline.

To accomplish this list will be relatively easy…even though the list itself is pretty staggering. But if I break it down into chunks…yearly samplings of 5 or 6 things, then it becomes manageable. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

Tomorrow I’ll post the list…but today…think about those things that need to go on your list. If you don’t make your own, please continue to check in on mine…as someday, hopefully you’ll join me on creating an amazing life.

The ones others watch on t.v.