You Go Girl!

04 January 2010

"YOU GO GIRL!" These three words are the newest addition to my "Motivation Wall" at GirlDiver World Headquarters. But not motivation for remind myself to always focus on becoming a motivator and cheerleader for others.

As 2010 comes in, I am finding my "place" in the larger world. The world beyond hoisting a tank on my back and leading divers down the stairs to the waters edge. Oh, don't get me wrong...I will still be teaching this year (as that's what puts the skip in my step), but I want to look beyond simply teaching scuba skills, when really, what I'm doing is offering my students (male and female) the ability to transcend their fears and become a part of a world only 1% of the world gets to explore.

Several times per year we teach a women's only scuba class. And I love these. The overall attitude of a womens only class is so much more encouraging and supportive for the women involved than a co-ed class. And I can say that, in spite of the fact that we have some of the most supportive co-ed scuba class experiences in the Seattle area. All egos are left at the door, and we cheer each other to the depths.

"You Go Girl", while a trendy phrase in today's conversations, is an attitude I will embody in 2010. "You Go Girl" a cheer for the little and BIG things the women in my life, both in scuba and out, accomplish.
How are you making a difference today as a cheerleader in your area of influence? I'd love to hear your thoughts below...