The First Day of Being a BagLady

06 January 2010

I believe in authenticity. And sometimes, I fall short. Sometimes I KNOW the right thing to do, will tell others how to do it, yet I'm not living the part myself.

Today I realized, as I was reading one of my eco-blogs I subscribe to, that I haven't taken the simplest step to reduce our trash. And that's the "reusable shopping bag". I've purchased a couple, sure...but at the store I still answer the question "paper or plastic" with whichever bag works best for me that day.

I live in Seattle, where eco-conciousness is at the nations peak. People bike to work, use reusable bottles and cups and we almost had a tax placed on plastic bags in grocery stores by the Seattle mayor to reduce use of the things. There really is no excuse for my behaviour, so it's gotta stop.

This year, I'm trying to become more responsible on a whole lot of fronts, and the environmental front is one of them.

Today is the day I start to answer, "Um...that's ok. I brought mine."