Lessons Learned from The Water

30 October 2009

Scuba has been the most integral part of my life for many years, but especially the past two, as I work, live and breathe scuba. One of the joys is the passion I feel, whether actually diving or simply sharing the experience with would be divers.

In the beginning of my journey in the sea, I was focused on learning the skills needed to dive safely and competently. Ok, let's be honest, alot of the time, I just didn't want to look like a dork. I struggled with alot of the gear issues in scuba, getting my fins on, adjusting my weight and achieving buoyancy. As my skills improved, I looked forward to doing more challenging dives and exploring new sites.

I focused on learning the skills leading me down the pathway to instructor. Teaching methods, theories of diving, inwater skills for students and marketing. I wasn't aware, then, of the life lessons the sea and scuba would teach me, and how much they would impact my life and personal growth. The sea continues to teach...and I continue to be it's student.

This series will look at the lessons of the sea. Lessons every scuba diver has experienced but maybe hasn't transferred into our land arena. To share scuba, for me, is to share the opportunity for others to experience transformation in their lives. It's not just a set of skills and looking at fish, but a visit to a place with many life lessons to learn. If we listen to the sea, she will speak to us.