Girl Scouts need water too!

11 September 2009

GirlDiver gets her first troop

My passion for exploration of the underwater world surpasses the ordinary "look at the fish" vision. I see scuba as not only a way to explore a little known environment, but also an esteem builder for women and girls.

This week, I scheduled my first Discover Scuba opportunity for a troop of Girl Scouts in Kirkland, WA. They'll spend one evening in a heated pool, experiencing what it's like to breath and move freely underwater.

For some, it will be easy...their tender age disallowing the fears age seems to instill. For others, this will be a challenge to attempt something they are not fully sure of. Will the regulator really give me air? Will I inhale water? Will I be able to do what all of my friends can do?

Scuba teaches lessons about trust.

Trusting your gear. Knowing it is serviced regularly and will operate to keep you alive in an environment you're not allowed to live in.

Trusting yourself. Knowing you can overcome any preconceived fears by trusting the rules that are there to protect you. For many, this is the most empowering part of certification.

Trusting others. Scuba is a "buddy sport". We are dependant on our buddy with our lives. We trust that our buddy has our best interest in heart, in a very major way. There's also the trust of the instructor that she won't ask anything of you that you're not capable of doing.

For the girls, it will be an unforgettable experience. Know any Girl Scouts ages 12 and up? This program is available to all girl groups!! Email us HERE for more info!