Life Lesson #2

11 November 2009

Slow Down

There is a rhythm to the water, and the thickness of the body slows every movement, whether our breathing, our reach, our kick or vision. If we try to overpower the water, we become tired. Overexerted. We don't find the ease others speak of.

If we move as the water allows us, we slow down. It's not the same timing as Terra time, but we are no longer on Terra. We are in another world, and when in that world, we must adapt to the culture.

In my own life, I tend to hurry everything. Appointments are overbooked and sometimes family time becomes a task, not a pleasure. Instead of enjoying the pathway of life, I tend to focus on the end goal. Rushing to reach it, and becoming exhausted and frustrated in the process. Terra time.

When I bring Lesson #2 to land, I learn to move slower. It doesn't matter if you get to the end of the reef, it's what you see on the way. When I slow down, I notice the magical moments I would miss if I was always running as fast as I can. Sitting, as my granddaughter MacKenzie sleeps for two hours, without worrying about all of the things I could be accomplishing if I weren't waiting. Instead, focusing on the child resting peacefully, without a care, on grandma's couch. Knowing these moments, like those of my children's youth, are precious few and soon will be gone.

To move slow. To realize the end of the reef is not the most important part of the journey. It's the moments along the way. And if the end of the reef is not reached, there will still be enriching moments found in the crags and crevices explored on the journey. Unexpected surprises one would have missed, if only the end was in sight.
How do you take time to "be slow and in the moment" in your daily life? Comment below: