Website Update - is back

14 August 2009

Website Update

My original web designer, Aaron Marth, of Marth Media, came to the rescue! He had a backup copy of the GirlDiver site from October 2006.

The site had since been redone by a student who changed the platform into a Xoops (yeah, no one else has really heard of it either) so I could work on it easier. On some levels, yes...I could. But on most levels, I was still challenged with keeping up the site and now was on a platform no one else knew how to work either.

Now, the site is back. And, I can work on it.

The blog: This has quickly out-optimized the website. So, I'll be keeping up the blog AND the site at the same time, so whoever finds me has multiple places to look.

Thanks for those sticking by in the last couple of weeks. It's been challenging for us all.