College Credit for PADI Classes

03 May 2009

When I was in college, I was not...well, shall we say, "athletically gifted". I've always lived by the philosophy, if it's flying at you, DUCK! So, volleyball, softball and basketball were never sports I spent very much time with.

I did take PE in quarter of badmitton and two quarters of golf. This taught me to be savvy in the boardroom, as I wasn't going to be making any points on the course.

One of the reasons I'm a PADI Instructor is the high quality of educational materials PADI provides to the students. The PADI education department takes their position seriously, to the point, certain PADI courses are recommended by the American Council of Education f0r college credit.

According to the PADI website:

A university or college may use the ACE credit recommendations in a variety of ways. The institution may apply the credit to your major replacing a required course. They may also use the credit as a general elective to possibly waive a prerequisite course.

Universities and colleges that accept ACE credit recommendations for PADI or EFR courses typically handle them like transfer credit. Transfer credit is often awarded without an additional fee. This may save you tuition fees while at the same time allowing you to possibly meet graduation requirements.

For more information, check out the PADI site HERE , then sign up for the next GirlDiver scuba course for a college credit which really WILL open up a new world!