Exploratory Diving

03 March 2009

I live on the edge of the Emerald Sea...otherwise known as the Puget Sound. We have "chosen" dive sites. The ones everyone goes to...and the ones that few know about.

I have to believe there are even MORE than that, though. So, my team and I went for a dive yesterday at Lincoln Park in Seattle. My friend, Kevin, had laid a cement block course there a few years back for a milk jug spearfishing course and I was bound and determined to find it. I think it may make a good course for a Search and Recovery class...but not sure.

My team was in place. Rhonda, Donald (photographer) and Matt. We donned our gear, engaged our snorkels and covered most of the south beach area. We found lots of sea lettuce (a favorite of mine, as it means spring is on it's way), california sea cucumbers and kelp crabs by the herds. I think the kelp crab were a bit amorous, as the ones not coupled were definitely ready to rumble.

We combed the area and didn't find the cement course. I may have to break down and ask for directions (ok, I sound like a guy now...)

We did get the chance to explore a new site, and for my team, it was a great learning experience in what goes on behind the scenes as we move to take our dive program to the next level.