The 1 Thing All Women have in Common

20 March 2009

The one thing all women have in common: XX chromosones.

That's it...that's all. Other than that, we're all pretty individual.

I'm a female in the scuba world who likes land excursions. I don't want to dive five dives per day for seven days. I want two dives per day and an afternoon in the jungle. Or maybe five dives one day and the Mayan ruins the next.

Does that mean ALL women want land time? No.

One of my diving friends only dives tropical. She won't brave the chillier waters of the Puget Sound, no matter what I've tempted her with. It's too cold and the gear is too heavy.

Does that mean ALL women want to dive tropical and look at brightly colored fishies? No.

We're as different amongst ourselves as each of the sea creatures we gaze upon. And while the dive manufacturers have discovered that we exist, we are still seen as 1.

We don't all want pink on our BCD's and wetsuits. Though some of us do.

We don't all have a size 8 hips, chest and torso. Though some of us do.

Even amongst the size 8's, we are not the same.

The manufacturers who market to us are starting to come around. We'll know we've arrived as female divers when the "female specific" lines become a little more "female general" and see us as separate and uniquely built consumers who don't all fit into 1 mold.